Terms of Service

Your TravlFi pay as you go service account balance, if sufficient, or your active plan, gives you access to our pay as you go service for a limited amount of time; you must use your pay as you go service during the designated period of availability. To use our pay as you go service you must have an active TravlFi pay as you go service plan. Service will be suspended when your data allotment has depleted and/or you are at the end of the time period associated with your pay as you go plan. Monthly data are available for 30 days, however, depending on the time of day that you activate your service of that your service expires, your service cycle may not equal 30 full 24 hour days. Your monthly plan will automatically renew at the end of 30 days if you are enrolled in auto-pay. If you are not enrolled in auto-pay, your pay as you go service will be suspended unless you pay for an additional 30 days of service. If you do not reinstate your pay as you go service within the required period based upon your service plan a re-activation fee will apply. Pay as you go service is non-refundable (even if returned during the Cancellation Period), and no refunds or other compensation will be given for unused data balances, lost or stolen SIM cards, or coupons. You will not have access to detailed usage records or receive monthly bills. Network Management: Service may be suspended, terminated or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users or significant roaming. Primary usage must occur on our network.