Pay As You Go Internet That Travels With You

High-Speed Internet For Anywhere Life Takes You

Your solution for Internet in the RV

A mobile Wi-Fi LTE hotspot


Your own personal and secure Wi-Fi in the palm of your hand.

Large Data Plans

Wide variety of data plans from 2GB all the way up to 800 GB/month.


Uses the strongest in-range network to provide strong signal anywhere in the U.S.

Pay As You Go

No contract, prepaid plans. Pay based on your own usage and travel schedule.

Virtual SIM technology brings coverage where you need it

  • VSIM technology tells the device to change towers and find the
    stongest cellular signal in your area
  • No SIM card needed, product ready to go!
  • Access to data from all major carriers
  • Changes towers automatically
  • Prioritized to specific carrier towers

TravlFi™ Journey1

Wi-Fi LTE Mobile Hotspot

Only $


  • Ready to activate with the push of a button
  • Reliable coverage anywhere in the U.S.
  • Long lasting lithium ion 3,000 mAh battery
  • Hotspot connects up to five devices
  • High-speed data plans
  • Comes with convenient carrying case and carabiner

Take your Wi-Fi with you

TravlFi offers custom data plans to accommodate your specific travel needs. It’s not everyday you get to bring with you live TV, movies, music, and more - but with TravlFi, it’s reality.

Connect to all your favorite streaming services and sites on up to 5 devices.

Subscriptions to services required. Streaming speeds
dependent on cellular signal strength.

Never run out of data

30-day high-speed plans, with no throttling and no contracts or commitments. All plans available for auto-renewal.

Once you get your device, call 1-800-960-6934 or sign in to our portal to pick your plan and activate.

Working & Education on the road

With reliable nationwide Wi-Fi coverage, take comfort in knowing your work projects and online classes can be completed wherever you travel.

Stay connected

Great for checking emails, online shopping, scrolling your news and social channels, and locating nearby restaurants, gas stations, and all other pit stops you need on the road.

Ongoing entertainment

Stream your favorite music, movies, and shows while you relax or enjoy video chats with friends and family with a fast, secure wireless network.