TravlStream Terms of Service

What is TravlStream™?

TravlStream lets you get optimized video streaming on your smartphone or tablet at no extra charge, making high-speed data last up to three times longer. TravlStream is already enabled and ready to go on your smartphone or tablet.

Data plans and data usage

What you get with TravlStream depends on your account type.

  • 2 GB Standard Plan - All video streaming DOES count against your high-speed data bucket.
  • 6, 10, 14, and 18 GB Plans - Video streaming through video content participants does not count against your high-speed data bucket (excludes Mobile Internet for hotspots).

Note: Only video streaming is included. Data used to load and browse content on streaming provider apps and websites, as well as any advertisements that stream prior to, or during, your selected video’s playback, also counts toward your high-speed data.

Data usage and Data Stash

When the 4G LTE data is exhausted, TravlStream is disabled for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Participating video streaming services

So many participants to choose from

If you're on a data plan of 3 GB or higher, you automatically receive video streaming at no extra charge through participating video streaming services, such as Amazon Video, CBS Sports, DIRECTV, ESPN, HBO NOW, Hulu, PBS Kids, Univision, YouTube, and so many more! See the entire TravlStream list of more than 100 video streaming services in various categories, including broadcast networks, gaming, children's programming, music and concerts, Spanish language, sports, and VR.

What you should know about Amazon's streaming partners

Amazon Video is a TravlStream video streaming participant. Some additional video streaming as Showtime and Starz—have partnered with Amazon to stream through the Amazon app. Streaming content through these services while using the Amazon Video app or website will continue to provide you with the same great free video streaming offered by TravlStream for eligible customers.

Video streaming from non-TravlStream content providers

With TravlStream, only video streaming from participating video content providers doesn’t count against your high-speed data. Video streaming from non-participating video content providers, and data used to load and browse content on streaming provider apps and websites are still deducted from your high-speed data, but at a slower rate, stretching your high-speed data up to three times longer. With TravlStream, all detectable video streaming (from participating services and others) is optimized to DVD-quality (typically 480p or better).

TravlStream while tethering

Tethering means sharing the 4G LTE mobile internet connection from your smartphone, tablet, or mobile internet device with another device, like a laptop or tablet. Streaming video from included TravlStream participants never touches your high-speed data allotment if you're tethering from a smartphone, tablet, or mobile internet device to a laptop, desktop, tablet, or handset. Other devices (such as gaming consoles, smart TVs or streaming sticks) aren't currently supported.

TravlStream while on Wi-Fi or roaming domestically

TravlStream is not in effect if you are on a Wi-Fi network or roaming on other wireless provider networks. If you stream video through Wi-Fi or roaming, your video resolution defaults to the highest available based on the internet service provider or roaming partner.

Video quality with TravlStream

TravlStream optimizes video quality for smartphone screens. As a result, many video services will deliver videos that will look good on a mobile device (at DVD-quality, typically 480p or better), rather than a higher resolution version (for example, HD) which is often better suited for larger screen. Because the resolution of your videos will be optimized, your high-speed data will last up to 3 times longer while streaming video, unless a provider chooses to opt-out.

Attempting to watch at higher resolutions by manually selecting HD resolutions through a provider's app or website may result in buffering.

  • You should use "Automatic" or "480p" quality settings when available for the best possible video streaming experience.