Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees other than my monthly bill of service?

All taxes and fees are included. Although there is an activation fee, you only need to pay it when you turn on or re-activate your service.

When does my 30 days of service begin?

Your 30 days of service begins the day you call 1-800-960-6934 or click to activate.

What if I don’t use all of my data? Do I get to roll it over to the next month?

No, the data allotments renew on the 1st of each month.

I am only going on vacation for 2 weeks, can I only pay for partial service?

We can always downsize your data plan, but it will still run for 30 days.

Is there an auto-pay option?

Yes, you are able to enroll in auto-pay when you purchase your data plan. Auto-pay will renew every 30 days from activation.

How will charges show up on my credit card statement?

Charges will appear as "DishformyRV/Pace Intl".

How can I make changes to my account? (Upgrading my data plan, credit card information, billing, etc.)

You are free to either call our customer service team at 1-800-960-6934 or visit our customer portal to make any necessary changes to your account!

Can I use TravlFi outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, not at this time, but we are constantly working on expanding our coverage to best serve our customers.

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