Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any fees other than my monthly bill for service?

When does my 30 days of service begin?

What if I don’t use all of my data, do I get to keep it for the next month?

I am only going on vacation for 2 weeks can I only pay for partial service?

What if I like to watch movies on Netflix, won’t that use up my data quickly?

Do I get any discounts for setting up Auto-pay?

I ordered equipment online but it hasn’t shipped yet?

How will the charges show up on my bill?

How do I make changes to my plan? (Upgrade my package, credit card, billing address, etc.)

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

How do I put in my SIM Card?

How do I turn on the hotspot?

How do I connect a device to my mobile hotspot?

How do I change the hotspot password?

How do I configure my hotspot?

How do I download Apps?

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